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mewball-deactivated20120826 : Why do you draw? What makes it enjoyable for you?

I always say ‘I draw because it makes me happy’ but as to why.. Well, it’s kind of difficult to say, like trying to explain a gut feeling. To me, making art (visual, musical, theatrical) is very intimate.. It’s like taking a piece of myself - my feelings, my ideas - and immortalising it into an existence of its own. That sounds overly-profound for what it is, but I mean, even with the most awful scribbles, I’m still giving shape to what I’m thinking about, and that is just very exciting?! No one else can do it for me, it’s my own special baby. There’s that sense of accomplishment that makes me happy too.

Drawing is also enjoyable for me because there’s always new things to discover/try out, like styles, colours, and ways to draw.. I’m never going to be bored! Of course, I’m often left unhappy because I can’t depict what I want in the right way, or that what I’m making isn’t as great as other stuff out there.. But that desire to get better & to make more beautiful things gives me a goal to run towards. And having a goal gets me fired up!

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